Live-Aboard Sailboat Powered by LE-300

"What I appreciate most about my LE-300 wind turbine is how quiet it is, especially as I spend so much time on my boat."

Geoff Baldwin

Geoff Baldwin sails his 2009 Bavaria 47 boat in the Mediterranean Sea all year round and is a live aboard for 50 weeks of the year, sailing around the Ionian, Aegean and Libyan seas.

When Geoff bought his boat in 2009, he decided to install the LE-300 wind turbine and 3 x 85w solar panels with the power feeding into a 500Ah battery bank.  As a live aboard, it’s important he can reduce the amount of time he needs to keep his engines running to power the appliances on the boat.

LE-300 wind generator power output“I’m more than pleased with the power output. In conjunction with the solar panels, our fridge freezer is covered during the summer cruising period,” said Geoff.  “The wind generator has performed well though once I had to tie the blades in the Meltemi winds in the Aegean Sea, but once in 5 years is a small price to pay for the many benefits the LE-300 brings.”

“I wanted to mount the turbine on an anodised aluminium pole so weight was a factor in choosing this turbine.  Weighing in at 6.5Kg, it was light enough to fix on the tube where the wall thickness was just 3mm.”

Geoff appreciates the quietness of the LE-300, especially at night when he and his wife are sleeping.  The fact that it keeps on producing power during the hours of darkness when there is no solar energy is invaluable in keeping the fridge freezer running.

“I had to replace the bearings and blades after 5 years’ but I have to say the service and advice from Leading Edge was second to none,” concluded Geoff.