LED Lighting

"Leading Edge’s small wind turbines are ideal for providing efficient and reliable lighting in off-grid locations. If you are an LED lighting installer we can work with you to provide the wind/solar components. Please contact us with your requirements."

Our wind powered solutions generate free renewable energy to power LED lights found in public streets, car parks and playgrounds.  The LE-v50 and LE-v150 vertical wind turbines and our small horizontal wind turbines, the LE-300 and LE-450 are often combined with monocrystalline solar panels to provide power that is stored in a battery ready for when it gets dark.  This ensures a continuous supply of renewable energy for a sustainable off-grid lighting solution.

In the photo above, an LE-300 wind turbine is powering a street light installed by Caribbean LED Lighting Inc. in Barbados. The LED street light required 60W for 8 hours per day (daily consumption of 0.5kWh allowing for 10% system inefficiencies) so we proposed the LE-300 24V wind turbine with 2 x 100W solar PV fed into an 155Ah deep cycle battery (larger capacities can be used if required) as shown below. See the system we specified in the above gallery.