LE-600 Powers Rail Level Crossing

"Leading Edge's approach has always been highly professional, with an attitude of continued product development. LET never rest on their laurels ... they are always looking to try and improve their products. As one of their approved dealers, we have direct access to the wind turbine design engineers - one couldn't hope for better advice, service or support. Thank you LET. "

Graham Robey, System Designer

Company : EDC Ltd

Off-grid power specialists Energy Development Co-operative Limited (EDC) have been supplying solar power & wind power systems since 1997.  In 2011, EDC formed a partnership with Bombardier to design and supply solar power & wind power systems for their new remote railways crossings.

These unique high-speed rail crossings use a computer to detect the location of the trains and to establish if it’s safe to cross the track.  Having worked closely with Leading Edge Turbines since they were founded, EDC knew that specifying an LE600 wind turbine would result in a wind turbine with high output and reliable performance, backed up by professional support.

Due to the unique sites, EDC asked Leading Edge to design a custom hydraulic mast to support the wind turbine and solar pv modules. The hinged hydraulic mast allows easy cleaning, maintenance and servicing checks.

Also used on the system are two high efficiency Sanyo HIT PV modules, an MPPT solar PV controller as well as a large bank of Fiamm 2V Gel batteries. The batteries give the system approximately 9 days of autonomy.

The system has now been installed for over 3 years and has achieved railways approval. The ‘EUWC’ railways crossings continue to be rolled out across the UK, and Bombardier have already supplied prototype systems to other countries.