LE-300 Powers Road Signs for Westcotec

"After trialing Leading Edge Turbines for one year we decided to make them the main supplier to our business for wind turbines. We've had fantastic customer service and after sales support Leading Edge over the last five years."

Dave Smith, Technical Director

Company : Westcotec Ltd

Since 2001 Westcotec Ltd has been at the forefront of the Vehicle Activated Sign industry. Based in the centre of Norfolk, they have grown to become the UK's biggest suppliers of quality Vehicle Activated signs. Using state of the art LED and radar technology, they provide effective solutions to most traffic related safety problems.

By offering a solar and wind solution with their interactive signage, Westcotec are able to install signs in remote locations where mains power is unable to be easily accessed. The wind turbine of choice for Westcotec is the light weight yet robust LE-300 wind turbine.

As all fixed sign installations come with the Westcotec comprehensive 6 year warranty (UK only) a wind turbine that was able to have the same lifespan with minimal maintenance was sought after. Three main points needed to be confirmed with a supplier; reliability, performance and ease of installation. 

Leading Edge Turbines have been Westcotec’s sole supplier for the last five years. The three main points of reliability, performance and ease of installation have all been met.  

Reliability – 100%, no failures in equipment have been found. 

Performance – Westcotec signs utilising wind power have been fully operational since installation. 

Ease of Installation – Turbines are installed in minutes to the top of a column using Leading Edges unique bracket with no need for specialist tools. The lightweight design of the LE-300 minimises the groundwork and foundations required.

Customers are happy that they are using green energy to power signs and Westcotec are able to add this to a long list of credentials. 

On top of all this is the fantastic customer service and after sales support Leading Edge have provided to Westcotec over the last five years.