LE-300 Powers Canal Boat

"I like the sound of my wind generator – it's quiet so it doesn’t keep us awake at night and we’ve never had any complaints from neighbours when in a marina. Besides, if I do hear it, it means I’m saving money."

Mr & Mrs Clarke

Mr and Mrs Clarke are in the enviable position of permanently cruising the inland waterways of Britain on their traditional narrow boat.

They take pride in being as self sufficient as possible on board, but not to the extent they have to skimp on creature comforts. So their boat has 230V appliances that most homes take for granted; fridge, TV, washing machine, vacuum cleaner as well as all the 12V lighting and pumps needed for life onboard. All this takes its toll on the 550ah, 12v domestic batteries, and historically this required that the engine be run for between 2-4 hours per day just to keep the batteries charged.

Since fitting their LE-300 wind generator they only have to run the engine for one hour a day and on very windy days it is not necessary to run the engine at all. At over £1 per day in diesel just to keep the batteries full the turbine has paid for itself in no time.