How quiet is quiet?

Posted Wednesday 22nd of May 2013 at 13:39


Naturally we often get asked just how quiet our turbines are - especially the LE-300 which is often installed on yachts cabins caravans and road signs in close proximity to people. We are incredibly proud that our turbines are some of the quietest around - especially our vertical axis LE-v50 which is silent!

Trying to describe the small amount of noise that our LE-300 and LE-600 small wind generators make is very difficult. Our measured data tells us that the turbines add just 6 decibels to the background and ambient noise of the wind but most people would struggle to understand what that actually meant in reality.

We could also describe the LE-300 and LE-600 turbines as having a very gentle 'swish' as the blades de-accelerate in between gusts but again that doesn't really mean a lot. The best thing that we can do is let you hear the acoustic qualities of our turbines for yourselves.

Take a look at this video. You can easily hear the birdsong in the distant trees and hedgerows but you cannot easily hear our LE-300 turbine! The noise of the wind on the microphone will tell you that it is a reasonable breeze blowing in the video yet you will have to concentrate to hear the turbines gentle 'swish'.

Of course if you need a small wind charger with absolutely silent performance checkout our LE-v50 turbine and its soon to be released bigger brother the LE-v150 (more information on that to follow soon!).