Grand Designs TV programme features LE-450 wind turbine

Posted Wednesday 21st of October 2015 at 16:46


Described as 'that great emblem of self-sufficiency' the wind turbine featured in the recent Grand Designs TV programme was none other than our LE-450.

The show featured a young couple enthusiastically converting an isolated cow shed into a cosy off-grid home.LE-450wind turbine Seen here mounted high on the gable end of the off-grid house to catch the prevailing winds the LE-450 is our most powerful small wind turbine with a rotor diameter of just 1m.

At wind speeds of 8m/s (18mph) it outputs 105W making a valuable contribution to the energy needs of this super insulated home along with solar panels and a back-up generator all installed by New Generation Energy local renewable energy specialists.

Of course being totally off-grid the water comes from a bore hole dug deep into the ground.

Grand Designs presented LE-450_gableendby Kevin McCloud follows some of Britain's most ambitious self-building projects as intrepid individuals attempt to design and construct the home of their dreams.

Kevin awarded Ed and Vicky 'full eco marks' for the conversion and particularly liked the tiles made from recycled milk bottle tops which 'look like real Welsh slates'.

Set in the bucolic Somerset countryside the converted cow shed indeed looked like the stuff of dreams. For Ed living off-grid meant being independent with free super low carbon electricity on tap.

Looking up at the wind turbine Kevin described the LE-450 wind turbine as 'the modern day flag pole that statement of faith in alternative technology'. Hooray say us!