Flood & Coast 2019 - planning for climate resilient future

Posted Wednesday 5th of June 2019 at 17:03


Hybrid power for measuring climate change

Whether you call it Climate Change or even a Climate Emergency, there's no doubt we can already see the impact of a changing climate with increased flooding  and summer heatwaves. 

The upcoming Flood & Coast 2019 conference and exhibition looks at flood and coast erosion risk, resilience and response. 

Leading Edge Power is exhibiting, we-re on Stand D25 so come and see our off-grid power solutions used for telemetry, data acquisition and CCTV surveillance.  Applications include monitoring water levels and critical areas of flood defences. 

Leading Edge wind turbines and our off-grid wind and solar hybrid systems are used extensively for low energy telemetry systems that require relatively small amounts of power to record and transmit data.

Our customers include water utility companies such as Wessex Water and Severn Trent as well as research institutes and meteorological offices.

If you're looking for a fit and forget off-grid power solution, then our PowerBox is the answer for telemetry applications. The PowerBox is pre-configured to your specifications and ready-to-go – once on-site, it can be installed, in less than an hour.   As everything fits neatly into a single, pallet-sized box, the PowerBox is easily transported from our base in the UK. 

Our off-grid experts are always on hand if you’d like some advice on which panels would best fit your needs and size of available space.