Camping & Outdoor Activities

"Portable solar panels for camping offer a great way of taking electricity with when when, trekking, cycling and many other outdoor activities."

Depending on your setup, you may be able to use our high-efficiency glass fronted solar panels, for example at an expedition base station. However, if you need to carry your solar system with you, you need a light, compact alternative. If you have transport, then one of the flexible solar panels might be an option or, for greater portability, there is the option of a fold-up panel.

Cleversolar specialises in off-grid power solutions, so we don't normally supply any panels less than 30W in size. This means that, nine times out of ten, you should use a charge controller with all of our solar panels, regardless of their type. The charge controller sits between the panel and the 12V leisure battery and protects it from overcharging. We have a wide range of solar controllers available, from less than £20.

When you need to connect the solar panel(s) to the leisure battery(ies), the process is simple:

  • Lay out the solar panel(s), face down
  • Connect the controller to the battery(ies)
  • Connect the solar panel cable to the controller
  • Plug-in the solar panel(s)
  • Turn the panel(s) face up to start producing energy from the sun

On a typical summer's day in the UK, you can expect to produce 600-700Wh (watt-hours) of power each day from a 100W solar panel. To put this into perspective, this is the same as recharging 6-8 iPhones, or running two low power LED lights for 100-hours!

To help with calculating the size of the solar panel needed for your electric fence system, you can use the tables at the bottom of this page, or use our new Electric Fencing Solar Panel Size Calculator

Each solar panel has a specification called the 'short circuit current' given in amps (A). If this number is less than 2% of the capacity of your battery (amp hours / Ah) then you do not need a charge controller. If it is more than 2% you should ideally use a charge controller between the battery and the solar panel, or get a bigger battery.