Cabins & Beach Huts

"In recent years, the use of solar panels for beach huts and remote camping cabins has increased significantly. Not only do people want to have a reliable power supply in order to enjoy a few home comforts, they also wish to do so in an environmentally sympathetic way."

Many of the beach huts along the south coast of the UK, especially in the Bournemouth and Mudeford areas, are privately owned/leased and some can be used and slept in all year round. Luckily, many electrical devices are now available in low-power designs, with a large proportion able to operate from a simple 12V supply, meaning the solar system can be quite cost-effective.

Unfortunately, in an effort to maintain a tidy appearance, the local councils have been forced to introduce strict guidelines on the type and size of solar panel installation; without this, the area could become dotted with a wide range of systems, some uglier than others. Mudeford, for example, states that 'the maximum size no more than 1000x600mm, one or two panels, mounted centrally, both on one side or one on each side'. For this very reason, our monocrystalline panels are perhaps the most popular; their ultra-high efficiency means that they are up to 50% smaller than conventional solar panels and you can therefore produce twice as much power from the same surface area.

Another modern development is the increase in 'glamping' (glamourous camping). Many campsites, stately homes, fisheries and even farmers have invested money in 'teepees' or camping 'pods'; essentially wood cabins. Of course, many of the clientele would like, or need, access to a power supply to charge phones and cameras or use a small travel kettle. Due to the remote, and sometimes mobile, nature of these pods, solar power is an ideal choice. Solar panels are either mounted on the roof of the pod, on a pole or even free-standing, providing a year-round electricity supply for the occupants to use.

We recently teamed up with 'The Log Pod Ltd', who are a new and innovative player in the glamping sector. Their unique 'logpods' are insulated, mobile and practically designed and are now being used country-wide. The brief was to supply a simple solar system, initially offering a 12V power supply, that would be sufficient for pre-installed lighting, charging life's little necessities (cameras, laptops, mobile phones, etc) and also with enough to enjoy the odd cup of tea. Producing up to 600Wh per day, the Cleversolar 100W panels were chosen which, with their black anodised aluminium frame, also look very good. Logpods are designed to last many years and the CS-100 panel's 25-year guarantee met this longevity requirement.