"Remote power systems are needed more and more in the world of farming. Whether its for powering electric fencing, powering water pumping, powering lighting in stables and chicken sheds or powering underwater cameras at salmon farms Leading Edge Turbines have small wind turbines and other power equipment to meet the bill."

At Leading Edge Turbines we can design and realise bespoke systems for a wide range of applications in agriculture.  Let us know the power load of the equipment you need powering and we'll size a complete system if required comprising solar panels, wind turbine and batteries. Please contact us with your requirements.

We recently specified an off-grid power system for a farmer requiring power for a water pump.  The pump required 550W for 3 hours per day (daily consumption of 1.8kWh allowing for 10% system inefficiencies) so we proposed the LE-600 24V wind turbine with 2 x 250W solar PV fed into a 205Ah deep cycle battery (larger capacities can be used if required).  See the system we specified in the above gallery.